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Directory of Technical
Writers and Editors in the
Minneapolis/St. Paul Area

[For businesses, organizations, and other clients looking for independent freelance or contract technical writers and editors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area.]

This free directory of web sites of freelance technical writers and editors in the Twin Cities area was assembled and is maintained by Winzig Consulting Services, LLC, a small Minneapolis-based technical writing company.

These web sites belong to technical writers and editors located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities area and in nearby outstate Minnesota and Wisconsin. Business writers and editors, other freelance writers, and other professionals are included if they do technical writing and/or editing. Writers and editors are listed alphabetically by business name (if there is one) or by last name/first name. Descriptions are taken from the writers' web sites.
  1. Don J. Ackerman, Jr.
    Burnsville, Minnesota
    A competent IT professional with 10 years of technical writing experience.

  2. Advanced Writing & Illustration, Inc.
    Ivar D. Natins and Larry Schlichting, Eagan, Minnesota
    A technical documentation company providing operator manuals, user's guides, online help, performance support, expert systems, training guides, website content development, video scripts, technical briefs, business plans, product catalogs, parts catalogs, and supporting illustrations.

  3. AGR Associates Inc.
    Andrew G. Roe, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A consulting firm founded in 1995 by Andrew G. Roe, a licensed civil engineer with a technical journalism background, that offers technical writing, editing, and computer services and focuses on customizing and refining technical documentation for computer software, engineering, manufacturing, and other applications.

  4. Alva Consulting, Inc.
    Amy Winkler, Plymouth, Minnesota
    IT consulting that includes expert technical writing and documentation ability.

  5. Joseph T. Andert
    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Independent contract technical writer with over 22 years experience in technical publications and computer networking.

  6. Apothekon, Inc.
    Carl S. Hornfeldt, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Medical writing services specializing in the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

  7. Archer House Writing
    Laura D. Schneider, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Offers technical writing, editing, and project management services for small and large projects. Over 14 years of experience. Highly technical projects welcome.

  8. Apostrophe Media and Timely Technical
    Alex Szczepaniak, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Provides a large range of technical communication services from proposal assistance and technical writing to curriculum design and web content management.

  9. BackStreet Media, Inc.
    Rick Cameron, Benson, Minnesota
    Product support materials, including operators, parts and service manuals. Technical writers and graphic and web designers with experience in Ag, Construction, Aviation, Industrial, and Commercial Equipment industries. Skills include writing, formatting, XML development, illustration, digital photography, product teardown, and diagnostics testing.

  10. Sally L. Benjamin
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Presents complex technical, scientific, and legal information in a way that reaches beyond a professional or expert audience.

  11. Bizolutions
    Lynne Olson, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Services include proofreading, copyediting, destop publishing, writing, and meeting and event planning.

  12. Bruce Jaeger Technical Services
    Bruce Jaeger, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
    Preparing operation and maintenance manuals since 1983, mostly for custom machinery manufacturers in the Twin Cities area.

  13. Susan Buie
    Susan Buie, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Professional freelance copywriter with particular strength in the translation of complex topics--especially medical and IT--for a broad range of audiences.

  14. Business and Science Writers, Inc.
    David Gardner and Laurie Ward Gardner, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Founded in 1990 and specializes in business, science-based, and technical writing for large and mid-sized corporations working in today's high-tech sector.

  15. The Busy Pen
    Leslie A. Watson, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Technical manuals, company newsletters, marketing brochures, web site content, business reports, business proposals, magazine articles, and grant proposals.

  16. Catalyst Consulting Group
    Nancy E. Weiss, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A local firm with over 20 years of experience in providing organizational performance improvement, developing educational and training programs and program evaluations, and providing expert technical writing and editing services.

  17. Bob Chase
    Bloomington, Minnesota
    A writing background in technical writing, internet publishing, published cycling stories, and computer skills.

  18. Anne Chenette
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A technical writer who is also a movie buff, voracious reader, fan of ethnic cuisine, and would-be beekeeper.

  19. Clairvoyant Communications, Inc.
    Claire Cunningham, Maple Plain, Minnesota
    The know-how to make your marketing and communications captivating. Publishes Communique newsletter.

  20. CN Graphics, Inc.
    Janet Myers (et al.) (see User Materials for Computer Applications)
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Design, writing, and editing for user guides, online help, software references, software tutorials and demonstrations, and quick reference guides.

  21. Computer Services
    Scott M. Hanna, Emmons, Minnesota
    IT technician and technical writer and illustrator.

  22. Crow Design, LLC
    (principal not listed), Maplewood, Minnesota
    Document design, technical writing, and web development.

  23. Peter Doughty
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Over ten years of experience in a broad spectrum of communication and publishing projects - from educational television, slide shows, flyers, brochures and order forms to web sites and books.

  24. Edewaard Technical Publications
    William Edewaaard, Edina, Minnesota
    Offering high quality technical writing and consulting services to clients in many different industries.

  25. Craig Eiler
    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Providing a variety of technical communication services including hardware and software user guides, online help, training material, technical illustration and product photography.

  26. Ellegon, Inc. (PDF)
    Joel Rosenberg, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Copywriting, technical writing, and editing.

  27. Engage Consulting, Inc.
    Hugh Skjeveland, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A business and information management consulting firm whose services include technical writing.

  28. Envoy Editorial Services
    L.J. ("Samquot;) Helgerson, Apple Valley, Minnesota
    Provides a variety of technical and communication services for churches, ministry organizations, non-profits, and businesses.

  29. Essential Copy
    Joseph Moses, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Trade publications, brochure copy, web communications, and public relations.

  30. EurUS, Inc.
    Dora O'Malley, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Global language and multilingual solutions. Translating technical manuals, safety guides, brochures, software manuals, user guides, packaging and labels, corporate communications, newsletters, web pages, etc.

  31. Farrar Writing & Editing
    Amy Farrar, Twin Cities area, Minnesota
    Freelance writing, editing and consulting services since 1999 for publishers, corporations, nonprofits, and others.

  32. Fearless Thinkers, Inc.
    Tom Rent, Lakeville, Minnesota
    Retired chief engineer specializing in proposals, trade studies, white papers, data sheets, technical articles, and technical presentations. Strong background in Defense, aerospace, aviation, and engineering.

  33. Eric Ferguson
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Web design, web development, writing, and editing.

  34. Fluin Consulting
    Diane Fluin, Eagan, Minnesota
    Timely and affordable assistance with writing, editing, and transcribing.

  35. Forbes Miel, Inc.
    Judith Forbes, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A technology-based consulting company that was founded in 1991 to provide engineering design services and technical communications services for a variety of fields.

  36. Laura French
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Communications and training professional with background in marketing, public relations and internal communications.

  37. Phil Freshman
    St. Louis Park, Minnesota
    Substantive editing, copyediting, proofreading, online and hard copy edits, and manuscript analysis.

  38. FUWALDA.com
    Donald W. Pfeffer, St. Louis Park, Minnesota
    Freelance writer and editor with experience in customer service and technical support for the largest video game publisher in the world.

  39. David Garnett
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    A technical writer in Minneapolis and St. Paul for over 14 years, working as a technical writer, business analyst, and documentation consultant.

  40. Barb J. Goodemann
    Albert Lea, Minnesota
    Documentation specialist and experienced technical writer and desktop publisher with experience in creating "from-scratch" documentation and writing end-use software procedures.

  41. Milo Grika
    Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
    Technical project manager and technical writer and instructor with experience in managing IT technicians and designing IT systems.

  42. Hamre Productions, Inc.
    David M. Hamre, Blaine, Minnesota
    Technical writing, media production, and CD/DVD/VHS duplication services.

  43. Hood & Associates, Inc.
    Renea Hood, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Training program design and delivery, technical writing, and project management.

  44. Teresa A. Hudoba
    Edina, Minnesota
    Professional indexing, editing, and proofreading for publishers and authors since 1990.

  45. Inbox Consulting, LLC
    Tom Hauwiller and Brian Takle, North St. Paul, Minnesota
    Provides technical writing, marketing communications, document design, and project management services.

  46. Ink Slinger Copy
    Teri Sele, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A freelance writer with more than seven years experience with some of the largest companies in Minnesota, helping clients clearly define, articulate, and communicate messages that resonate.

  47. J. P. Hansen Editing Services
    J. P. Hansen, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Specializing in the needs of independent authors and publishers, enabling clients to create books and documents.

  48. Jane Dugan Editorial Services
    Jane Dugan, Twin Cities area, Minnesota
    Medical, scientific, technical, and nontechnical copyediting and proofreading.

  49. Jane Kerr & Associates, Inc.
    Jane Kerr, St. Paul, Minnesota
    (Contact info listed on Twin Cities STC Consultant Directory.)

  50. JF Thibodeau, Inc.
    J.F. Thibodeau, Taylors Falls, Minnesota
    Technical writing, online documentation, and project management. (Contact info listed on Twin Cities STC Consultant Directory.)

  51. JPC Media LLC
    Edward Wons, Minnetonka, Minnesota
    Technical documents, product design, video production, and DVD authoring.

  52. John Kalbrener
    Third Thought Collaborations, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Comprehensive experience in multimedia public relations, marketing, advertising copywriting, and editing.

  53. Kaney Communications
    Colleen L. Kaney, Eagan, Minnesota
    Communicating strategically for business sucess. Services include benefit communications, corporate communications, media relations, and marketing communications.

  54. James P. Knoll
    Bloomington, Minnesota
    Communicates and manages interdepartmental technical information and support through corporate intranet webs and written technical documentation.

  55. Knowledge Design & Delivery, Inc.
    (principal not listed), Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Effective communication and training keep you one step ahead of the competition. Provides quality custom and off-the-shelf training, written materials and consulting services to help you reach your goals.

  56. Kraut Companies/KrautGrrl Communications
    Michele E. Davis (et al.), Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Writers and developers providing custom code for an application, a website, a manual, promotional materials, graphic design, or technical support for IS/IT, web, software development, and documentation industries.

  57. Kuehn Creative
    Debbie Kuehn, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Well-versed in all types of writing, including ads, books, brochures, catalogs, CDs-DVDs, direct mail, magazine articles, newsletters, press releases, video scripts, and web sites.

  58. Martha S.B. Lane
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Experience as a technical trainer, technical writer, instructional designer, documentation specialist, change management specialist, database applications developer, programmer, and business process analyst.

  59. Douglas R. LaPoint
    Twin Cities area, Minnesota
    Extensive experience in writing and editing of technical documentation and development and coordination of publications, working with multiple employee groups within a company.

  60. LB Communications, Inc.
    Laura Bayer, Delano, Minnesota
    Technical writing and editing services, including FrameMaker template design and documentation, functional specifications, data sheets, white papers, application program interfaces web site management, graphics handling, basic illustration, and software development project management.

  61. Luminosity Technical Services, Inc.
    Candlin Dobbs, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Analyzes and fixes communication and training problems, from manuals to intranets to online help to web-based training. (Contact info listed on Twin Cities STC Consultant Directory.)

  62. Melanie Lundheim
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Fifteen years of freelance experience writing internal, external, business-to-business, technical, and marketing communications for companies in a wide range of industries.

  63. Molly Malsam
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Usability engineer, technical writer, and editor.

  64. Marcia Jedd & Associates
    Marcia Jedd, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Writing and marketing communications services with expertise in many consumer and B2B topics. Specialities include manufacturing, financial services, healthcare-medical, supply chain management, transportation, and logistics.

  65. Michael K. Martin
    Tracy, Minnesota
    Freelance technical writer working in the Twin Cities.

  66. Maximum Vizion
    Clare McDonough, Twin Cities, Minnesota
    Specializes in Autodesk Viz and Discreet 3DS Max custom training, with over 15 years of consulting experience and 20 years of education and industry experience focusing on civil engineering, architecture, and visual and technical communications.

  67. Molly McBeath
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Copyediting, proofreading, technical writing and editing, science writing, research, and online and hard copy edits.

  68. Melville Consulting Services
    Melville J. Webster, New Brighton, Minnesota
    Provides clients with a broad range of services in the field of information technology. Specializes in internet web site development, including technical writing, page development, graphics development, web site registration, network setup, and commercial artwork.

  69. MG Communications
    Mary Geisenhoff, Woodbury, Minnesota
    Specializing in editing, proofreading, and Spanish-English translation.

  70. Miller's Wheel
    Ben Miller, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Web architecture and design, HTML, graphic design and editing, PHP, JavaScript, .ASP, database programming, search engine optimization, web marketing, technical writing, creative writing, and computer technical support.

  71. MKS Editorial Services
    Michelle Haubrich, et al., Duluth, Minnesota
    (lists a Minneapolis phone number as well)
    A full-service firm providing print ads, newsletters, websites, and annual reports; Ms. Haubrich has technical writing experience in the software development industry.

  72. Rosalind Nelson
    Twin Cities area, Minnesota
    Technical writer with broad hardware and software knowledge, and experience with a variety of publishing tools. Able to work independently or as part of a team to design, write, and evaluate printed and online documentation.

  73. James Nordstrom
    Coon Rapids, Minnesota
    A technical writer and illustrator who puts technical information into easily understandable language.

  74. Parkinson, Inc.
    Reid Parkinson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Language translations, technical manuals, multimedia presentations, and web sites localized in several language. Thirty years of experience analyziing and organizing information and authoring documents.

  75. Phoenix Writing
    Barbara Weatherhead, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Business and technical writing, editing, and instruction.

  76. Nancy A. Pickering
    Watertown, Minnesota
    Experienced professional in communication and documentation, technical writing and analysis, and design implementation. Additional experience in web initiatives and project management. MIS professional for 12 years.

  77. Planetary Ink
    Jeanne Mettner, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Seasoned editing, spirited writing, and sound consulting.

  78. Practical Communications
    Dr. Tess Galati, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Writing consultants for the information age, with a background in linguistics and psychology.

  79. Priasma International, Inc.
    James Romano, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    (Contact info listed on Twin Cities STC Consultant Directory.)

  80. Mary Margaret Pringle
    Crookston, Minnesota
    Editing technical papers, reports, proposals, theses/dissertations, fiction, poetry, and public information documents; writing reports, proposals, research papers, fiction, poetry, and public information documents; document design; college-level instruction in technical communication; program management and development; and language research related to preparation of documents.

  81. Pro International, Inc.
    Edith F. Veolsa, Minnetonka, Minnesota
    Multilingual communications for technical, medical, business, legal, and federal and state government organizations.

  82. Red Dog Writing Services
    Rachel Davis, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Clear, concise writing, editing, and design services for technical manuals, user guides, newsletters, training materials, brochures, resumes, and press releases.

  83. Red Wagon Writing
    Megan Tsai, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Freelance writing services including brochures, technical writing, web site copy, newsletters, case studies, booklets, press releases, and articles offered by a former TV anchor, evening news reporter, and corporate communications professional.

  84. Stephen C. Regenold
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Syndicated newspaper columnist. Senior editor at 75,000-circulation business magazine. Freelance writer and photojournalist for top daily newspapers and consumer magazines. Prominent blogger.

  85. Richard L. Kronick & Associates (scroll down to "Freelance Writer")
    Richard L. Kronick, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A professional writer and educator since 1970 and a self-employed writer, educator, and communications consultant since 1985, specializing in technical, marketing, and media writing about engineering, architecture, medical products, and computers. Contact info also listed on Twin Cities STC Consultant Directory.

  86. Richard Mann & Associates Ltd.
    Richard Mann, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Twenty years of experience in technical communication. An accomplished education, training, and technical writing professional who has worked with medical and non-medical technology companies, consulting firms, and academic institutions.

  87. Bevery Roath
    West St. Paul, Minnesota
    Technical writer with 8+ years of experience and 4 years of experience teaching composition and business writing. Can write/teach everything from fiction to essays to technical writing (software documentation and on-line help).

  88. Rosemary Ruffenach, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Writing, editing, proofreading, and research.

  89. David J. Rust
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    From web development skills (HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, user-interface design, quality assurance procedures, programming standards, Mac and PC, IT organization) to professional journalism.

  90. C. Mark Sakry
    Brimson, Minnesota
    Technical copywriting and editing and software development.

  91. Schuman & Associates
    Vicki Schuman, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Provides technical writing and editing, marketing communications copywriting, and project coordination for the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and technical industries.

  92. Shamrock Communications, Inc.
    Joe Muldoon, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Technical/scientific writing; web design, development, and content; social science/social service; and online behavioral health.

  93. Peter Seebach
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    A UNIX guru, C language lawyer, an all-purpose computer guy, a voting member of ISO C committee since 1996, and a competent technical writer and editor.

  94. Kris Sorensen
    Lino Lakes, Minnesota
    Experienced project manager, technical writer, and editor.

  95. Simply Stated Information Design
    Amy L. Haapoja, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Experienced technical writer and information designer.

  96. Split Rock Communications, LLC
    Anita Whitaker et al., Plymouth, Minnesota
    Corporate, industrial, medical, educational, technical, and financial communications.

  97. Mark D. Stewart
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Experienced technical and creative writer, proficient copy editor and proofreader, skilled web designer and consultant, and academic and professional instructor.

  98. Kate Surbaugh
    Twin Cities area, Minnesota
    Freelance writer specializing in web content, brochures, product copy, newsletters, press releases, and internet marketing.

  99. Mary Ellen Taft
    Twin Cities area, Minnesota
    Technical writing, journalism, speech writing, grant writing, proposal writing, specifications, campaign management, photography, technical and graphic illustration, marketing, and PR.

  100. Charity Tahmaseb
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Freelance writer/technical writer with experience in IT, software development lifecycles, and the medical device industry.

  101. Teakwood Consulting
    (principal not listed), Roseville, Minnesota
    Developing and managing a range of documentation products, including web-based help and online help, user manuals, quick start guides, and online documents.

  102. The Text Doctor
    Elizabeth Frick, North St. Paul, Minnesota
    Improving your business and technical writing skills and creating better writers.

  103. Graeme Thickins
    Bloomington, Minnesota
    Technology writer and analyst.

  104. Twin Town Computer
    Guy Acree Sr., Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
    On-site and off-site computer repair, computer software and hardware services, hardware and software sales, tech support, computer networking, peer-to-peer or central server networks, custom-built computers, Internet services, web services, AutoCAD and technical writing, computer graphics design, CD design and band promotion, training in MS Office programs, POS systems, customer databases, Flight Simulator 2000, and simulator building.

  105. Urban Research
    Jeff Urban, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Practical experience and knowledge in research, system design, development, documentation, troubleshooting, and testing.

  106. Waypoint Communicators, LLC
    Dale Ryynanen, Maple Grove, Minnesota
    Provides technical writing, video production, and digital photography and image touch-up services.

  107. WebGoddess.net
    Irene Hartfield, Babbitt, Minnesota
    Internet and intranet consulting: site analysis, web site and graphic design, hosting, copy-editing, organization of materials, E-commerce solutions, RealMedia, forms, mailing lists, traffic analysis, and search engine preparation and submission.

  108. Wilcox Communications Inc.
    Dennis Wilcox, Northfield, Minnesota
    Safety and manufacturing training and marketing communications.

  109. Liz Willis
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Editing services, including substantive editing, rewriting, copyediting, and proofreading.

  110. Winzig Consulting Services, LLC
    Jerome F. Winzig, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Provides technical writing and technical editing services with low overhead to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Also offers HTML editing and web publishing services for content-oriented web sites. Started in 1990 with a prior background in software development from 1977-1989.

    (Sponsor of this free directory for technical writers and editors.)

  111. Woolridge & Associates, Inc.
    Paul D. Wooldridge, Maplewood, Minnesota
    Quality and environmental systems experts that also specialize in technical writing and in setting up effective documentation/writing systems.

  112. Words & Deeds
    Connie Anderson, Bloomington, Minnesota
    Writes and edits brochures, newsletters, web site content, professional profiles, product sheets, and letters. Does desktop publishing layout and design as well as using extensive interviewing skills to write articles.

  113. The Write Effect
    Kris Decker, Blaine, Minnesota
    A freelance writer and marketing consultant with over twenty years of experience.

  114. WriteNow
    Wesley Kraszewski, Menomonie, Wisconsin
    Technical writing, online help, content localization and language translation assistance, and web content development. (Contact info listed on Twin Cities STC Consultant Directory.)

  115. Writing for Business and Pleasure
    Stephen Wilbers, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A writing consultant, author, and syndicated columnist. Has offered training seminars in effective writing to more than 5,500 business, technical, legal, and academic writers since 1983. Teaches writing in the University of Minnesota's Management of Technology Program and the Carlson School of Management's M.B.A. program.

  116. Addie Zierman
    Andover, Minnesota
    Provides a wide range of copywriting services--from detailed technical documentation to effective marketing writing.

  117. Albert Zuurbier
    Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
    Specializes in writing for small and medium-size businesses in Central Minnesota.

  118. Stephanie Zvan
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
    A writer with 14 years of experience and four years of editing experience who is comfortable in a business environment, can handle technical or scientific information, and has a more literary bent.

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Explanation of This Directory
This directory was assembled by Winzig Consulting Services, LLC because it's not always easy for clients to find technical writers and editors in the Twin Cities area or in outstate Minnesota. Prospective clients can go through a technical writing staffing firm or they can hire a contract technical writer or editor directly. Either way, however, it's a challenge to find good local freelance technical writing and editing resources.

For example, the Open Directory Project's Writing and Editing directory, on which Google's Writing and Editing | Technical Directory is based, has state categories only for California (20 entries) and Massachusetts (7 entries). They have not responded to requests to add a Minnesota category for the 80-some freelance technical writers/editors and 50-some technical writer staffing firms listed on our site. Furthermore, among the 80 or so national entries on the Open Directory, there are currently just two listings for Minnesota technical writers: Barb J. Goodemann and Winzig Consulting Services (listed with technical writers/editors above) and one for Minnesota technical writing staffing firms: Writing Assistance (listed with staffing firms on our site).

Using some search engines to find such terms as "technical writers in Minneapolis," "Minneapolis technical writer," "Minnesota technical writer," "Minneapolis documentation specialist,", "Minneapolis freelance technical writer," "Minneapolis technical editor," "Minneapolis technical communicator," "Minneapolis business writer" "finding good technical writers in Minneapolis", or "identifying technical writers in Minnesota", often yields lots of hits for web sites containing those words, but very few sites for technical writers and editors or technical writing firms actually located in or serving the Minneapolis area (or anywhere in Minnesota). This really varies by search engine. For a further explanation, see Google's Vaunted PageRank Algorithm Discriminates Against Small Web Sites on the Writing Tips page for Winzig Consulting Services.

If you have questions or suggestions, would like to see your site listed, or have a change or correction, please contact us using the e-mail links at the upper right or bottom of this page.

If you are a Twin Cities-area freelance technical writer or editor and do not have your own web site, we can still add a listing with a phone number, address, or e-mail as contact information. (E-mail addresses are stored in a non-text format, making them very difficult for spammers to harvest.)
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